Protect Your Investment

Buy home insurance Coverage in Kennewick or Richland, WA

Homeowners insurance policies vary significantly. Some may cover just home repair costs, while others could also cover your valuable belongings. In order to find the right policy for you, reach out to Legacy One Insurance. We sell home insurance policies from well-known insurance companies.

We'll discuss how much home insurance coverage you need and compare quotes from our portfolio of providers. Call 509-943-9999 now to get details about different home insurance coverage types. We also offer mobile home insurance and renters insurance for clients in Kennewick and Richland, WA.

Do you need flood insurance?

Water is one of the biggest threats to any home, but not all home insurance policies cover flooding. Legacy One Insurance can help you find a flood insurance policy for your property in Richland or Kennewick, WA.

Flood insurance policies might cover...

  • Damage to your belongings
  • Home repair costs
  • Debris removal costs
Don't let water damage drain your savings. Contact Legacy One Insurance today to speak with an insurance agent about your options.