As they have been since 1894. Grange listen's carefully and treats people as individuals instead of transactions. As a small and nimble organization, Grange Insurance Association is able to offer levels of personal service and attention that many of our larger competitors cannot.


Grange Insurance Association can insure multiple aspects of your life and what matters most to you-your home, car, boat and farm to name a few. Since all of Grange Insurance policyholders are different and hold specific values, traditions and priorities, we customize all of our policies so that you walk away getting only the coverage you need for the places and things you want to keep safe. Grange Insurance Association even offers a bundling discount so you only need to call Legacy One Insurance Services today at 509-943-9999 to get a quote from Grange Insurance Association.

Grange Insurance Association is a mutual company, owned by policyholders. Rather than answering to shareholders, we act with your best interests in mind. This means fast, responsive and attentive claim service-from initial report to final resolution-during those times that you need us most.


Unlike many major insurance companies, Grange Insurance Association allows you to choose where you would like to get your vehicle repaired in the case of an auto accident, or a home contractor if your home needs to be repaired. We've also partnered with two major car rental companies so you can get where you need to go.